GCR Selling at 4 Good Vibes at Kingston Mall

We're thrilled to celebrate a milestone achievement for "Girls Chronically Rock" as they bring their empowering presence to Kingston Mall with the "4 Good Vibes Yaayy" event! This inspiring initiative, founded by Keisha Greaves, supports and uplifts individuals with chronic illnesses through fashion and community.

Keisha, diagnosed with Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, started "Girls Chronically Rock" to create a space where people with chronic illnesses can feel seen, heard, and stylish. Her brand features bold, empowering designs that resonate with many. Through her hard work and dedication, Keisha has turned her vision into a successful movement, fostering a supportive community and raising awareness about chronic illnesses.

Being at Kingston Mall marks a significant step forward, showcasing the growth and impact of "Girls Chronically Rock." Join us in celebrating this milestone and be part of the positive vibes!