Put Out the Fires for Muscular Dystrophy: Tribute to the amazing Fire Fighters

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They came from Cambridge, Boston, Somerville, all over Connecticut and beyond to ring the alarm for Muscular Dystrophy (MD) research, equipment, and camp tuition.

They put out fires big and small and save lives on so many levels for which I am eternally grateful. Who are these hometown heroes?

They are the local firefighters in my community who come together to support organizations like the Muscular Dystrophy Association(MDA) and individuals like me to join me in the fight to raise awareness, spread knowledge and encourage others to keep fighting similar battles with MD.

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I first met these amazing men and women who serve as firefighters in my community after being invited to share my story in 2017, at their annual planning boot camp at the Mohegan Sun Casino. Every year, over 300 firefighters come to plan, strategize and get refreshed to tackle fundraising for the MDA and MD community. Since then, I  have made so many strong connections with the fire fighters I have met over time and hope to continue to build that strong foundation with them throughout the year. 

Past fundraising efforts have included golf tournaments, auctions, “fill-the-boot” street petitions and many different activities to make one big effort to support the MD community and needs. In addition to fundraisers, every year the local firefighters visit the Muscular Dystrophy Association Summer Camp to spend time with the kids and facilitate a variety of fun activities with the campers. 




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What the firefighters continue to do for me and for the many others battling MD continues to change lives one boot, golf club and event at a time. 

Once that alarm goes off at the firehouse, the firefighters don't know what type of situation they are going to, and I admire and appreciate them for that. They are strong, powerful and brave to put other lives before theirs.

Words can't describe how blessed and honored I feel to be supported by my local fire station. Between saving lives and having lives of their own, each firefighter has made it his/her mission to help support individuals and the larger community of men, women and children who are battling MD. I will never forget what they have done for me, what they continue to do and the level of commitment and compassion they share with the MD community.

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If you haven't already, connect with your local firefighter chapter to see what causes they support and find ways to support them. Changing MD and other chronic illnesses is not a single person's or single organization's burden to carry. Doing what it takes to make a difference takes a community - a community of friends, organizations or a group of dedicated, compassionate group of local firefighters.

Let's put out the fires of MD together.

To learn more about the Firefighter's and what they do for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and fundraising activities, click here.

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