Muscular Dystrophy Can't Keep Her Down. A Chat With Girls Chronically Rock Founder Keisha Greaves

Keisha Greaves  is the founder of Girls Chronically Rock, owner of the non profit - trust your abilities, she’s a podcast host, and  At the  age of  24, she was diagnosed with Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, and her life changed. But far from being bogged down by it, Keisha decided not only to embrace it but to celebrate Muscular Dystrophy and other chronic illnesses, giving life to her dream of starting a fashion line.

Today, Keisha is a motivational speaker who talks about spreading awareness of Muscular Dystrophy, balancing life with chronic illnesses, raising money for causes, advocating for disability, and other related topics.

Keisha has been featured in several media outlets like Good Morning America, The Today Show, ABC News, and more! One of her proudest moments is when she was featured in Today Style Heroes 2018. She was featured with other celebrities like Gabrielle Union, Drew Barrymore, Debra Messing, Mindy Kaling, and more, for her inspired clothing line.

On the podcast we chatted about:

-How Keisha found out she had muscular dystrophy

-How it affects her day to day

-Her Girls Chronically Rock brand and the creation of her adaptive swimwear and clothing line

-Her non profit - GCR Adaptive project

-Her hope for others living with a chronic diagnosis


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