Inspiring words from a GCR client and show she feels Chronically I’ll ILLNESS Badass

I think this “Chronically Ill Badass” tee from my friend Keisha at Girls Chronically Rock may be in the running for my new favorite. My infusion nurses love it 😂🙌🏻

Though people often ask me, “Why are you so open about your Multiple Sclerosis?” that’s not the first one they typically ask when it’s being discussed.

First, they say in disbelief “BUT YOU LOOK SO GOOD.”

Well, yeah. Thanks?

Being chronically ill doesn’t define who I am. And I’m lucky that it also doesn’t define how I look, yet. But that doesn’t mean that I’m any less ill because I “look so good”. I’m “lucky” that I am still cute (who said sick and cute can’t go together?!), but I am also “lucky” to get the judge mental stares when I use handicapped assistance at the airport. I hear the annoyed mumbling when I walk slowly in a crowd. I see the looks when I utilize a scooter. I don’t let it phase me... you know, life’s hard, choose joy anyway.

So why do I continue to share? Because not everyone can/will/feels comfortable. Because I know that too many of my chronically badass friends aren’t believed by strangers, friends, and even family.

Because I have a voice, and if I don’t use it to help educate people and remind them that you do NOT know what someone is going through, then I’m certainly not going to make a difference. Whatever your circumstances are, whatever you’re going through, please know that I BELIEVE you.


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