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Keisha Greaves: Owner of Girls Chronically Rock

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Everyone, meet Keisha Greaves, owner of Girls Chronically Rock and my latest It Girl!

Keisha received her Bachelor’s in Fashion Design and Merchandising from Framingham State University and her Master's from Cambridge College. "While in graduate school, I started to experience spells of repeated falling," remembers Keisha. "My legs would give out and I would fall to the floor without being able to get myself back up. After many doctors and tests, I was eventually diagnosed with Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. At first I was in shock as I had never heard of the disease. I immediately shut down and kept the news to myself. After some time I realized I had to cope with my disease by coming to terms with it, and then trying to figure out what I could do to overcome it."

From a young age, Keisha knew she wanted to be a business owner, and was determined to not let her disease get in the way of her dreams. "I never knew what could come of my chronic illness, so I wanted to create a business where I could work from home, manage my own hours and build into a major empire.

In May 2017, Keisha debuted Girls Chronically Rock, a collection of apparel items for both men & women celebrating chronic illnesses. The company's mission is to create, motivate, encourage and let people know you rock and can accomplish anything you put your mind to. The best part? Each month, 10% of proceeds go towards the Muscular Dystrophy Association! 


I always ask my It Girls what their once piece of advice is for other women starting their own businesses. According to Keisha, "If you want to start a business, just do it. Don’t let anything stop you. Trust and believe in yourself. If you have great people around you who support you, you can accomplish anything. Lastly, don’t wait any longer! Before you know it, you will be a successful business owner. "

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