Create a brand that sparks a movement-By Jasmine Clarke-BlackXecutive

"Be relentless in accomplishing your career goals by empowering others along your journey of self-discovery"

The Summary

When Keisha Greaves was diagnosed with a chronic illness at the height of her college studies, she found herself immersed in a journey of self-acceptance. Little did she know she would soon create a brand that would not only uplift her spirits but create a movement for those across the world experiencing the same. In this episode, Founder and CEO of Girls Chronically Rock, Keisha talks about coming to terms with her chronic illness, continuing her dreams of pursuing fashion, and being an activist for black disabled lives.

Keisha Greaves, Founder and CEO of Girls Chronically Rock

Keisha Greaves, Founder and CEO of Girls Chronically Rock

Gems from this convo:

  • Changes in your personal life don’t have to affect your career and business goals. Find a way to adapt. 

  • Create for people like you. If you need a product, someone else does too. Create it. Sell it. Build a community around it. 

  • Use your story about your business, the cause, and your purpose to empower someone who may be going through the same struggles. 

  • Make choices that are good for all consumers, not just the ones you immediately think of. Adaptive fashion is a great example of how friendly fashion is good for all consumers not just some.

  • Confidence is a muscle. Flex it in whatever ways you need to feel a boost. 

  • Seek and find the mental health resources you need to be a healthy business owner. Owning a business is a lot, especially if you’re doing it alone. Talk to someone.

  • Find and support entrepreneurs on a similar path as you. When someone wins. We all win.

Resources referenced in this conversation:

Girls Chronically Rock

The Fears of a Black Disabled Woman in America

How to be an ally

Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs Facebook Group


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