An Open Letter To Myself For 2020

yellow papers forming green heart hole

Dear Keisha,

Here we are in 2020! Yay! In the last year, you learned so many lessons. You gathered so many stories. Had the opportunity to participate in so many features. You did the thing and are continuing to make a name for you and your brand, Girls Chronically Rock!

Going forward, I want you to always be reminded of three very important things: your present, your past and your future. They’re all vital to consider when preparing for all the success in store for GCR.

I am trusting you to value your present. Take note of each moment and allow time to savor. Each breath, each thought, each smile – they’re all important milestones that allow you to continue to live out your purpose.  Your dream and passion for GCR depends on how you live each day. Remember to take care of yourself so that you can help to take care of others. That is your mission. This year, I trust you to stay active. A healthy life will allow you to make appearances. Make connections. Make great on the goals that you have set. Treat your body well with compassion. While I want for a healthy exercise regimen, I don’t want you to sacrifice a couple nights of wings with a side of chips and dips. You deserve that luxury! Enjoy your faves. It’s okay. When you’re feeling low or lacking kind words for yourself, speak to yourself as you would Beyoncé. Now I KNOW you wouldn’t be unkind to her – treat your mind and body with the same grace and genuine kindness.

When you think of the past, I need you to so with consideration but without dwelling. You are where you are now because you made the right decisions to get you here. When the symptoms and diagnoses creeped into your life, you didn’t fall or falter – you birthed a divine vision instead, Girls Chronically Rock. That’s a big deal, remember that. Use your story as a testimony and allow yourself to reflect on it for relatability and connection, but never to bring yourself down. Use your proven strength then, as encouragement for your next battle, for you and for your Chronically Ill Badass family. Yes, you created a family. You created a brand. You created a victory over something that tried to make you a victim. Be proud of that. I’m proud of that.

Plan to continue your legacy. Look forward to great things to come in 2020. With the changes you’re making now, this year can be the greatest start of the decade – as you hit runways, television screens, and God-willing, Oprah Magazine! (Fingers crossed!) Your story is purposed to encouraged others. Never forget that. Embrace it. Going into this year, I want you to keep in mind that movement made not be linear or constant, but you can count on it to still happen. Sales of merchandise may vary from month to month. You may get a feature one month and maybe none, for two. If you don’t get a response right away, it doesn’t signify rejection. These things could produce insecurity, but I believe in you enough to know that they will not stop you from being secure in who you are and what you’ve come to do. What matters is that you keep going anyway – telling your story and sharing your mission without ceasing.

Keisha, I am so proud of you. If no one told you today, I’ll tell you: I LOVE YOU. You are spunky, bright and full of smiles and laughter. You are a go-getter. You are an empire. You are success. The moment your mind tries to tell you otherwise, you head right back to this letter and read this over and over again until the doubt dissolves. Keep striving, badass!

With love,

Keisha Greaves


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